Ball Is Life

Balls has been life since the stone age. Cave men would grab rocks and shoot hoops by aiming it at dinosaurs mouth. Since back then they havent invented the hoop with a net they keot score by how many rocks shot in the mouth of a dinosaur it took in order to take it down. That was also how it they got their source for food.

T-Rex Dinosaurs Facts

Another Chapter in the revolution of the making of basketball is when the flash came to life. He came into being in the future yet he created a time paradox where he ran faster than the speed of light where he entered the time zone and traveled back into time. He traveled back to the stone age where he met the cave men. He introduced them to the game of basketball when they thought he was food. They chased him but as fast as he was who could. He in his time of being chase felt sorry so as a memory of his short time with them he actually enjoyed it. As he decided to leave he taught them the game of basketball. Therefore the game orginally came from the future, but also the past.